Journey Classes

Connect Class

Steps to Connect

This 4 week class will connect you to the life of Church on the Rock.

  • Church Family: Introducing you to the ministry of COTR. You will discover who we are and how you can get connected.
  • Foundations: Exploring the spiritual disciplines necessary for an effective Christian life.
  • Discovery: Discovering your spiritual gifts and learning how God combines them with your passions to be used in ministry.
  • Dream Team: Positioning you in an area of ministry where you can begin to serve.

Spirit Filled Life Class

This 4 week class will teach you how real friendship with the Holy Spirit can change your life and how to live in the Spirit on a daily basis.

  • Who Is This Person?
    What Is This Person Like?
  • The Grand Entry
    The Power Transfer
  • The Giver of Gifts
    The Language of Friendship
  • The God You Need to Know

Becoming a Person of Influence

This 4 week class will teach you principles of leadership that will help you develop skills that can be used in ministry, business, and in the home. Each week you will hear from nationally renowned church leaders that will help you learn biblical keys to success.

Steps to Freedom Class

This 4 week class is designed to help you resolve conflicts, break bondages, and renew your mind.

  • Revealing counterfeit beliefs versus real; deception versus truth.
  • Dealing with bitterness versus forgiveness; rebellion versus submission.
  • Exposing pride versus humility;  bondage versus freedom.
  • Uncovering curses versus blessings.